We provide home care services for all.

Our services are offered on a periodic basis, i.e., every week or every two weeks, for a minimum of 3 hours per visit.

To receive domestic help, you must contact us to make an appointment; we will come to your home to assess your needs and fill out the required documentation to open your file with the the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec, as our domestic help services are eligible under the Financial Assistance Program for Domestic Help Services (FAPDHS). Following the appointment, the Régie will inform you of the amount of funding offered to you, and you can contact us to make arrangements regarding the days and frequency of services you would like. You will then be able to receive help from one of our assistants, and will only have to pay the bill you receive at the end of each month. There are no claims to file, and you will only need to pay your share of the hourly rate.

For presence-monitoring and personal care services, all you need to do is contact us to make an appointment, and we will come to your home in order to examine your needs and make arrangements regarding the days and frequency of services to be provided.

Personal care

Our personal care is provided by our trained staff. We offer high-quality, personalized service. This personal care can be advantageously combined […]

Regular housekeeping

Our housekeeping services are high-quality and personalized. One of our assistants will come to your home on a regular basis […]

Major cleanup

For major household cleanups, we dispatch two people qualified for such heavy-duty undertakings. You can also ask your regular assistant […]

Help with errands

Need a hand with your errands, from the grocery store to the pharmacy, bank, and beyond? We will accompany you […]

Meal preparation

Need someone to prepare your meals for the week, help fix your everyday meals, or prepare to receive guests over […]


Do you live with someone who requires a constant presence, but need to take time off occasionally or regularly—keeping in […]

Quality services and financial assistance FOR ALL.

In addition to a whole range and variety of quality services, we give you access to a number of discounts through government financial assistance.

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