Major cleanup

For major household cleanups, we dispatch two people qualified for such heavy-duty undertakings. You can also ask your regular assistant to do major household tasks as a complement to your housekeeping.


Regular rate

32.45 $
per hour

Discount: Fixed help
Financial assistance for all

- 4 $
per hour

Additionnal discount: Variable help
Variable financial assistance is granted to any person 65 years old and above, as well as anyone referred by a CSSS. The amount of the assistance is determined based on income and family situation.

- 2.63 $
- 21.04 $
per hour

For more information, look at the Financial assistance page or click on the button below to request services on where your financial aid will be calculated for you.

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Major cleanup

  • Washing walls and ceilings
  • Washing window interiors and exteriors
  • Washing cupboard and closet interiors

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Quality services and financial assistance FOR ALL.

In addition to a whole range and variety of quality services, we give you access to a number of discounts through government financial assistance.

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